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Chiaroscuro Photo Video Manila

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Chiaroscuro Photo Video Manila

Las Pinas City, Metro Manila, Philippines

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Chiaroscuro [ kee-ahr-uh-skyoo r-oh ], in the field of art, is the use of bold contrasts between light and dark affecting the whole #picture. It is a combination of two opposing elements that come together in harmony to form a perfectly balanced composition. Like our name, we believe in the perfect balance between #art and technology. We believe in the importance of both #creative and effective story telling as well as the use of the right #equipment to achieve it. We believe in providing as much effort in concept planning and pre-production writing as adding up effects in editing and the use of the right #camera accessories. We are passionate. Like everyone is in the industry. As much as the next guy in fact. But unlike everyone else, we are passionate for a different reason. We aren't just passionate in giving you the most flashy #camera #shots for your #prenup or baptism #photo shoot / coverage or the use of the most advanced automated #photobooth setups you'll find but more so about being able to provide you with the most complete, sincere and heart-felt photos and #videos for your life #celebrations and #events. We are passionate in helping you tell your story and being able to show it in the most creative and unique way possible. Lastly we live, breathe #innovation. Innovation doesn't only come with latest #photobooth or video coverage equipment. Innovation can be in the form of new, fresh ideas, ideas and concepts rarely or even never used before. That, we have in mind in every birthday party photo we shoot and #predebut or wedding video we direct. We are Chiaroscuro, a #LasPiñas Metro #Manila based creative #studio composed of Multimedia Arts, Mass Communication and Digital film graduates. We offer personal and #corporate event (#Baptism, #birthday, #debut, #wedding, #anniversary, #party) #photo and #video #coverage, event #invitation #card and #tarpaulin #banner #design as well as event #photobooth #services. We are passionate, innovative and most importantly we believe in the perfect balance that is Chiaroscuro. Chiaroscuro Photo Video Manila | BF Resort Village Las Piñas city | 0915 389 2416 |

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Event All-in photo-video package

Event All-in photo-video package

  • 0915 389 2416

  • BF Resort Village
Posted: July 9, 2019


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